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Librarian Bloggers To Look Up To

I have recently been reading a lot of teaching blogs, mostly thanks to Pinterest. However, librarian blogs have not been on my radar. It has been a relaxing day here at the Bushong house and sitting around with the dog has allowed time for some productive internet surfing.

The first librarian blog I really took time to look at was Bulldog Readers Blog. Mrs. Hembree is a K-6 Librarian based out of Seattle, WA. Her blog is mostly a way for her to document her experiences being a librarian and a blogger. She has many posts about celebrations and things happening in her library and with her students. She also posts lessons and ideas for lessons she has done with her own students. Pete the Cat is a rock star to this librarian and her kids. They have watched videos, read all his books, sang songs, and even traveled with him. I guess Pete the Cat is the new Flat Stanley. You can read more about Ms. Hembree’s lesson and see the videos they watched here. Having students work in collaborative groups to make book talk videos is by far my favorite lesson idea on the Bulldog Readers Blog! Mrs. Hembree walks her readers through each step her students took to create their book trailers. She even has links to great places to find Creative Commons photos and music. Read about the book trailer project here and see the students’ book trailers here.

I also checked out a local elementary librarian from Howard County (and McDaniel alumni), Matthew Winner, aka The Busy Librarian . His blog has a lot of book reviews,  lesson ideas, and general posts about life as a librarian. His lessons are of particular interest to me because he has a lot of lessons for K and 1 students. I read a lot about different lessons to teach as a school librarian, but most of them are for students in grades 3 and up. In my grad classes we have had to create a lot of lessons to do in the library, but I have never had to opportunity to actually teach them. It is wonderful to see lessons come to life on his blog though his descriptions and photographs. One of his lessons for 1st graders, called Animal Fiction, is about researching animals and then writing a fiction story using some of the facts they learned. This is something I would love to try with my students this year, even though I am in the classroom and not the library.

My final stop on my librarian blog journey was A Media Specialists Guide to the Internet by Julie Greller. I felt like I had found the mother load of all technology resources! This site has frequent posts about topic ideas and places online to find resources as well as lists of Web 2.0 tools to use with students and resources for teachers and students online. Today’s post was fitting as I sit here watching the wind and rain do it’s worst outside. It was all about hurricanes and links for resources online that teachers could use in lessons. Julie has information about creating and using infographics, sites for K-12 lesson plan ideas , and job resources. The most beneficial thing I found though, was the A-Z listing and description of Web 2.0 tools. I had no idea there were so many! I will be coming back to this site to find some interesting tools I can use with my little 1st graders. This is a great resource for any teacher K-12 regardless of what subject they teach.

I have enjoyed the last few days surfing the web and finding some interesting librarian blogs. There are many more for me to read and look at. You can find more blogs listed here and here. I think it will be important to share these blogs and other blogs with my colleagues. Not only are these blogs great resources for lessons ideas and online resources, they also serve as wonderful models of what librarians can be. I loved reading about lessons these librarians have done that involve collaboration with classroom teachers and incorporating technology. Every teacher could use some more ideas when it comes to collaboration and technology. I also think these blogs are inspiring. They help me want to make and share my blog with others as a professional. They can also inspire students as they are learning how to navigate cyberspace. These blogs would be examples of responsible social networking and information sharing I could show older students. Blogs are a way to connect and share with people all over the world.

What blogs are you reading? Have you had any success using lessons or ideas from a blog?


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I am an elementary school teacher getting my Masters degree in school library media. I have an amazing husband and pretty adorable dog. In my spare time I read, cook, shop and scrapbook.

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  1. Sarah,
    The blogs you found seem very helpful. I found them to be interesting because I haven’t really run into any librarian specific blogs before, so I enjoyed reading the ones that you found. I took time to look at all of the resources on the blog, A Media Specialists Guide to the Internet. I clicked on the area where the k-5 resources are located. I noticed a lot of great ideas but many of them where not links that teachers can just print out and use because of abc teaches ownership of them. What ways as a librarian, could you see making these links more accessible and ready to use?

  2. I have used Pinterest as well and find it as a great resource for teaching ideas. Your post about the “Web 2.0 Tools” seems to have a lot of great links. Many of the tools listed, I have never heard of and could see using in the classroom.


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